Interesting Facts About Sea Turtles

Did you know that sea turtles have been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth? In fact, the oldest known sea turtle fossil is actually over 120 million years old. [...]

Fascinating Facts About Legless Glass Lizards

Glass lizards are long lizards that are often mistaken for snakes. This is due to the fact that they don’t have legs like other lizards. There are actually fifteen (15) [...]

Our Featured Reptile This Month Is The Carpet Python

Reptile Shows of New England is proud to announce that our featured reptile of the month is the carpet python. The carpet python is formally referred to as Morelia spilota and is [...]

A Few Interesting Facts About Ball Pythons

Did you know that ball pythons are one of the most popular breeds of snakes on the planet? Perhaps you are aware of the fact that their scientific name, Python regius, [...]

World Snake Day Is Friday July 16th This Year

Did you know that World Snake Day is Friday July 16th this year? So, why do we celebrate this interesting holiday? In essence, the point of World Snake Day is to [...]

Leucistic VS Albino Reptiles

Did you know that there is a difference between leucistic and albino reptiles? A great deal of people often confuse a leucistic animal for an albino one, simply because the [...]

Overcome Your Fears Of Reptiles With Our Interactive Shows

Did you know that Reptile Shows of New England can help you overcome your fear of reptiles? Although a great deal of people fear reptiles most of them are actually [...]

Reptile Shows For Children With Special Needs

Did you know that some kids with special needs relate better to animals than they do with other people? This holds particularly true for children with autism or children that [...]

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