Even from a very young age, Emily Erickson had always had a near obsessive passion for animals of all kind. She would always go to her mother begging for a pet cat or dog, but was turned down each time due to her mother’s severe allergies to animals. Her fascination with reptiles started, not from the little garter snake she had found in her backyard (pictured to the left and right), but from a pet iguana that belonged to one of her father’s friends.

She had named the snake Slithers, and from the first second she had laid eyes on that little serpent, she had fallen in love. Within a few months, she began burying herself in every reptile book she could find and absorbed the information like a sponge. As her love for reptiles grew, so did the newly blossomed franchise she had created for herself: Emily’s Backyard Creatures.

The neighborhood kids would crowd her doorstep day after day, begging Emily to come out and do a reptile show, and with her newly found love of performing, she would happily oblige. Her goal was to teach children of all ages, not only about safe backyard exploration, but that reptiles were something to be appreciated, not feared.

After three years, that message only grew stronger with the birth of Reptile Shows of New England. Emily’s Backyard Creatures had shed its skin, and grew into a program that Emily, her brother Joshua and her parents, Eric and Jodi, could enjoy as a family. Now more than a decade later, we three teams strong!!




Our show is a hands on, interactive and educational show

Amaze that special birthday boy or girl and all of their friends with a reptile show, learn all of the fascinating things about snakes and lizards while we showcase 15+ creatures from all around the world!

Amaze and educate in your classroom, your campers or fascinate your boss or colleges, we are available for any type of event!

Reptile Shows of New England, specializes in educational reptile shows for birthday parties, BBQ’s, corporate events, summer camps and more.

We showcase our reptiles in a safe and educational environment with professionals.

Some of our reptiles include a wide variety of snakes such as:

  • Corn Snakes
  • A King snake
  • A WHITE (Leucistic) Rat Snake
  • Many ball python morphs
  • Boa’s such as read tail and rainbow boas
  • Albino Burmese python

Our smallest snake can fit in that palm of your hand and our largest is 10 feet long!


Or other reptiles/creatures include:

  • Spotted Gecko
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Green Iguana
  • Russian Tortoise
  • Rose haired tarantula
  • Leopard Geckos
  • and more!

During our shows we not only teach audiences young and old about the natural beauty of reptiles, but we present them in a safe and engaging environment. If you or someone you know has a fear of snakes, we can help you overcome that fear while educating you on the amazing facts that are widely unknown about these amazing creatures.

Have a special son or daughter that just loves reptiles? Why not entertain them at their next birthday with a reptile show! Your birthday boy or girl will be able to come up on the stage with us as an assistant!

Make your next corporate event one to remember while you dare an employee or co-worker to get a picture taken with our 8 foot long red tail boa constrictor!

All shows come complete with bragging rights …your photo can be showcased on our website for you to download or share with all of your friends!

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