Reptile Shows of New England brings both native reptiles and exotic reptiles from all around the world to your summer camp. With everything from the most common of garter snake species found right on your camp grounds to the amazing Brazilian Rainbow Boa found in the rain forests of Brazil!

Our shows are both entertaining and educational inviting your campers to get up close for a hands on experience! While teaching them about amazing reptiles that are often misunderstood, and feared, they will learn some amazing facts. We promote safe outdoor exploration and the conservation of wildlife in a safe and engaging environment.

Close encounters with reptiles. . .

Our camp shows provide time for questions and answers throughout the show, and there’s also plenty of hands-on time with our animals. There may even be an opportunity to feed a tortoise, so you can watch it eat. (We don’t, however, feed the snakes during shows because we don’t want to evoke a feeding response in them.)

Our educational summer events focus on conservation, safe exploration and other topics relating to the careful balance between humans and nature. Understanding the dangers faced by reptiles in our modern world is so important, as well as learning what you can do to ensure your own safety when you encounter one of these creatures in the wild. These educational shows are also entertaining and informative for all ages.

Experience the unknown.

NOTE: Our shows are fully insured. We do not feature any venomous snakes.

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation today. The faces of our campers tells it all! We thoroughly enjoyed your company and your wonderful reptiles. The campers thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. The three presenters were terrific in their approach with the campers in letting them touch the various reptiles. The information they presented was very appropriate for our age group. It was a memorable event!

Ed Schreider, Rivers Day Camp

Jodi, Eric and the New England Reptile Shows team did a PHENOMENAL job presenting their show at our annual August Family Camp. They were able to connect with and engage an audience of campers aged 3-75. Three days later and I am still having campers approach me to tell me how much they enjoyed the show, and hope to have them back again next year. Jodi, Eric and the team were professional, friendly, organized and flexible. We definitely hope to bring New England Reptile Shows to our other family programs, and highly recommend their shows!

Sarah Holmes, Becket Family Camp
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We showcase more than 10 reptiles including:

  • Garters, corn and king snakes
  • Red tail and rainbow boas
  • Bearded dragon
  • Geckos
  • and more!

The grand finale. . .

Our star attraction is a breathtaking 10 foot long Burmese python!

Note: The show lineup is always subject to change depending on how many shows we have booked that day.