Did you know that ball pythons are one of the most popular breeds of snakes on the planet? Perhaps you are aware of the fact that their scientific name, Python regius, actually translates to royal python. This is based on information that the ball python is believed to be the favorite snake of ancient African royalty who used to wear them as live jewelry. Maybe that is why ball pythons are considered to be sacred animals to a tribe in Nigeria. The Ogbo or Ibo tribe believes that this snake is the messenger of their goddess of soil.

That’s why ball pythons are still highly regarded there to this very day. If you come across a ball python in the wild the Ibo consider it to be a good omen. On the other hand, if you kill a ball python it is believed that rain will not come until you perform a ritual to atone.

Here’s another interesting fact about ball pythons. Did you know that female ball pythons are usually bigger than their male counterparts? Female ball pythons typically grow up to five (5) feet long. However, males only grow to approximately four (4) feet long. This is actually a common occurrence in the world of animals.

Speaking of female snakes, pregnant ball pythons do not eat. Instead, they remain coiled around their eggs in order to keep them as safe as possible from predators. They also do this to keep their eggs warm. It takes anywhere from 55 to 70 days for the ball python’s eggs to hatch. That means female ball pythons do not hunt or eat for that period of time. A mother ball python will typically lose nearly half her weight during pregnancy. Do you think that is why ball pythons do not breed on a regular basis? They will only breed once every few years.

Would you like to know another interesting fact about ball pythons? The snake’s common name is actually associated with a defense mechanism that they display. When a ball python feels threatened its natural instinct is to curl itself up into a ball. In essence, they would rather protect themselves than get into a fight with another animal.

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