Reptile Shows of New England bring the exotic world of reptiles from back yards all around the world to life in a safe and engaging environment. Whether it’s a show for an organization, classroom or a specific group, our educational shows are both informative AND entertaining.

We invite audience members to get up close and personal with snakes and other creatures that are often misunderstood. We do a Q & A and hands on interaction throughout the show where you’ll learn surprising facts, as well as answers to your most common questions. If you’ve always been curious about these creatures, here is the perfect way to get to know them better.

Close encounters with reptiles

Our educational shows provide more time for questions and answers, and there’s also more hands-on, interactive experiences that let everyone get as close as they dare to these amazing animals. There may even be an opportunity to feed a tortoise, or a crested gecko so you can watch them eat. (We don’t, however, feed the snakes during shows because we don’t want to evoke a feeding response in them.)

Summer camps

Our educational summer events focus on conservation, safe exploration and other topics relating to the careful balance between humans and nature. Understanding the dangers faced by reptiles in our modern world is so important, as well as learning what you can do to ensure your own safety when you encounter one of these creatures in the wild. These educational shows are also entertaining and informative for all ages.

Hands On

We bring educational items with us such as the shed skin from different snakes and lizards as well as the shed spikes from a large male iguana! We also bring an empty turtle shell, and we explain the difference between a tortoise and a turtle.

Experience the unknown

Fear comes from the unknown but healthy respect for these amazing reptiles will bring you closer to the appreciation that comes with education.

NOTE: Our shows are fully insured. We do not feature any venomous snakes.

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What an interesting, educational and interactive session.The father, mother and daughter team worked in unison to keep the interest of the children. They were quick with answers to the many questions that were asked and displayed such love for the reptiles and for what they were doing.

Bibi and the preschool staff, five year old children in a childcare setting

New England Reptile Shows put on a fantastic presentation for the 1st and 2nd grade. The kids LOVED it. The show staff were great and Eric did a super job of explaining the animals. I highly recommend this crew!

Corice Boyer, Fisher Hill Elementary School


We showcase more than 10 reptiles including:

  • Garters, corn and king snakes
  • Red tail and rainbow boas
  • Iguanas
  • Bearded dragons
  • Russian tortoise
  • Geckos
  • and more!

The grand finale. . .

Our star attraction is a breathtaking 10 foot long Burmese python!

Note: The show lineup is always subject to change depending on how many shows we have booked that day.