Did you know that some kids with special needs relate better to animals than they do with other people? This holds particularly true for children with autism or children that are on the autism spectrum. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s a smart idea to book reptile shows for children at your school, daycare, or camp who have special needs. If you are the parent of a special needs child or children you can also book reptile shows for children with special needs at your home. Reptile shows provide children with special needs the opportunity to not only learn but to interact with something brand new to them. Children on the spectrum tend to love a quiet environment and reptiles have no vocal cords, they also love the sensation of touch, all reptiles have a different texture and we allow the children to safely touch these amazing reptiles!

In essence, reptile shows provide special needs children with a great opportunity to build up a high level of self-esteem. For example, a great deal of people are afraid of reptiles. Imagine how satisfying it would be for a special needs child to not only touch but to hold and interconnect with a reptile? Can you picture the sense of pride that the child may feel from doing something that other kids may be afraid to do? Our shows can go a long way in building a sense of wonder, a feeling of accomplishment, and a feeling of acceptance.

In essence, it is a uniquely capable shared experience, which is something that parents and teachers of special needs children do not always get to experience. Reptile Shows of New England specializes in providing special needs children with this incredible experience. All of our professional reptile handlers exhibit both the knowledge and the patience to make reptile shows for children with special needs a true success. No one knows what it’s like to work with reptiles and special needs children more than our founders. In fact, their son has special needs and interacting with the reptiles has helped him a great deal.

All of our reptile shows for children with special needs are customized to the needs of the children. We fully realize how important it is to meet their comfort level. We also fully realize how important it is to engage them in a manner that makes them comfortable. Our reptile shows for children with special needs truly engage all the senses. For example, we focus on sight, sound and touch. The show will also engage other children and adults. It’s a great leaning experience and overall experience for all.

Reptile Shows of New England is an educational, hands on, and interactive reptile show experience that is on a mission to educate people of all ages about reptiles in the safest and most engaging environment. Our team of professional performers strives to spread awareness about wildlife conservation in the most entertaining manner possible. Reptile Shows of New England specializes in educational reptile shows for birthday parties, BBQ’s, corporate events, summer camps, town fairs, daycares, schools and more.

We showcase all of our reptiles in the safest and most educational environment as possible. Our team of reptile experts will provide you, your guests, and or students with a full hands on experience that is second to none. Reptile Shows of New England does not feature venomous snakes, alligators, or crocodiles at any of our shows. We are fully licensed and insured. Please use our online show booking system when booking your next event. We look forward to seeing you at our next show.