It almost goes without saying that reptiles in general have a bad reputation. This may be due to the facts that there are many myths about reptiles that have been making their way through society for thousands of years. Some of these myths are based on facts that are taken out of context and are now a bit incorrect. Other myths about reptiles are outright ridiculous. Even though modern research has proven these myths to be false many times over, there are still a great deal of people who believe these false folklores.

Unfortunately, these unfounded myths about reptiles contributes to animal abuse. It also goes a long way in preventing much needed reptile conservation efforts. That’s why we want to bust some of these false myths about reptiles. Perhaps the most popular myth is that if you touch a toad it will give you warts. This is false. Although the skin of a toad has a wart like appearance, only a virus can cause warts in humans. However, all reptiles can carry salmonella and other diseases in their excrement. That means you should always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling them.

Our next myth about reptiles is that all snakes are aggressive and will chase people. This is also completely false. In fact, snakes are typically scared of humans and are typically attempting to escape. The bottom line is that snakes have absolutely nothing to gain by chasing a person. They cannot eat you and are not looking at you as a food source. Snakes have no reason to attack other than to protect themselves from danger. That means if you see a snake in the wild and leave it alone it will also leave you alone.

People need to keep in mind that snakes simply do no have the brain capacity to be vengeful. That means they would never chase after you just to inflict pain or out of a hatred for humans. Another snake related myth to be aware of is that snakes will only strike if they coil first. That is also false. Snakes can actually strike and bite in any direction and from any position. That being stated they can increase the distance of the strike by coiling first. Once again, a snake will only attack a human if they fear they are being threatened. If you see a snake in the wild do not approach it. Keep on moving on.

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