The Perfect October Birthday Surprise Party!

If you have friends or family with a birthday in October, consider creating a memorable event they’ll be talking about for years to come! Reptile Shows of New England provides an entertaining and informative show that’s super popular throughout New England.

Birthday parties can be, frankly, boring. Year after year, many people do the exact same thing. That’s why our show can really wow your guests, making yours the coolest party in the neighborhood and one they will definitely remember.

Why are Snakes Sometimes Associated with Halloween?

Is it the way snakes slither without legs? Or the way they sleep with both eyes open, because they don’t have eyelids? Whatever the reason, snakes are sometimes associated with Halloween spookiness, so the biggest surprise for your guests will be discovering that snakes are actually not scary at all!

One of the best things about our reptile shows is the way we’re able to bust some of the myths that cause people to be scared of snakes. For example, some people think snakes are slimy. In fact, they’re not slimy at all—they feel more like soft leather or smooth sand. See? There’s nothing like education to eliminate fear!

Why Reptiles are the Best Birthday Guests

People of all ages are fascinated with reptiles. Some people have snake phobias, while others are simply interested in them—so everyone in the group will want to know more about these exotic creatures. Kids especially enjoy having their pictures taken with their new reptile friends. It makes them feel brave to have their photos taken while holding some of our snakes and making it on the “Brag Board” of our website.

What Can You Expect at Our Reptile Show?

Reptile Shows of New England offers a hands-on, interactive experience where you can get up-close and personal with these mysterious—and often misunderstood—creatures. There are Q & A opportunities throughout the show, as we teach all kinds of surprising facts. Kids, and adults too, will get a chance to pet a snake or other featured reptile as part of the show.

Have a child who’s afraid of snakes? Have them meet and greet some of the stars of our show, and we’ll help them on the path to conquering their fear. Some of our most popular guests include:

  • Ball pythons
  • Corn snakes
  • Boa constrictors
  • Geckos
  • Iguana
  • Tegu
  • and more!

How Safe is a Reptile Show?

Reptile Shows of New England features reptile experts who practice safe handling procedures. Our shows are fully licensed and insured. We’re committed to creating a safe and fun environment. We do not present any dangerously toxic animals (our tarantulas still have fangs and venom but are completely harmless), and we do not have excessively large lizards like Alligators or Crocodiles. Our biggest lizard is five feet, but she’s all tail! We have hand sanitizer available throughout the show, and we make sure everyone uses some before touching any of our animals.

Our website contains even more fun facts about who we are and what we do, so be sure to check out our other pages. Are you ready to conquer your fear this Halloween season and get up close with some amazing reptiles? When you’re ready, book your next birthday party show here.