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Show Info and FAQs2019-08-16T17:36:13+00:00

Show Info and Frequently Asked Questions

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I would like a price quote2023-04-24T17:59:58+00:00



If you have further questions, please email us or call anytime.

If you add a time other than an available time on the booking calendar we will email or call to confirm.

Remember your booking will only be SECURE once you pay your booking fee within 24 hours.

How much room do you need for the show?2023-04-24T18:00:43+00:00

We have a table that we will use to put things on during the show, we can be in front of the table and have things under it as well, we may also need room for a gazebo (cage 4’x4’x4′) next to the table and room in front for us to perform and the audience to sit.






Parking and other fun stuff2018-08-04T13:28:34+00:00

We require parking at the location of the show for ease of unloading and loading of the animals before and after the show. 

If your show is on a floor other than the first floor we require access to an elevator. 

We reserve the right to decline or cancel a show due to parking restrictions or lack of access to elevators for show set up.

Cancelation Policy2023-04-24T18:01:10+00:00

We require at least 48 hours notice for cancelations.  We do not offer refunds for canceled shows, however, you will be able to re-book your show at any time.

In order to book with us you MUST book online using our online booking calendar or call us directly, an email stating you would like to book a show will not be sufficient to book a show into our system, unless it is confirmed, without a confirmation email or phone call we do not guarantee that you will be booked into our system.

Our booking deposit is NON-refundable, but if you would like to rebook in the future, you will not have to pay your deposit a second time.

If you would like to customize your show and choose what animals we do (and don’t) bring, please e-mail us to ask for a list of our animals to choose from. Please be aware, however, that this list is subject to change at any time (but we can assure you that it will not affect the show’s quality in any way!).

Please double check that you have a correct address, time and date for the show, and a correct and active email address when booking. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within one hour, please contact us at 508-353-6536, or at

Booking Goodies2023-04-24T18:01:16+00:00

Once you’ve completed and submitted your booking form, you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to download our certificate of insurance, a printable birthday invitation card if you’ve booked for a birthday party as well as a permission slip if you booked for a school.

You can also visit our “downloads” page at any time to access that info.

Please Note: Our certificate of insurance is password protected. To access it, use the password provided with the confirmation e-mail you will receive when booking. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact us any time at or call us 508-353-6536,.


What about those with Special Needs?2018-08-04T13:29:33+00:00

If you are booking a show for a special needs child, or if one of your guests will be special needs, please let us know in the “comments” section of the booking form. We would like to make the child feel included and safe around the animals. If possible, also include any special details about the child that you feel we should be aware of. Team two of our shows has an autistic son, so we understand and are very compassionate and patient. 

What Kind of reptiles do you have?2019-03-06T17:48:55+00:00

We have a wide variety of reptiles and every show includes many of these, but the line up for each show will vary depending on how many shows we have booked that day, (as we only have two teams and share and rotate out the reptiles so that we do not stress them out by taking them to too many shows. Some of these include: 

  • Garter Snakes
  • Milk Snakes
  • Corn Snakes
  • Leopard and Crested Geckos
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Ball Pythons
  • Burmese Pythons
  • Red Tail Boa Constrictors
  • Rainbow Boas
  • Russian Tortoises
  • Iguanas
  • Blue Tongue Skinks
  • Black and White Tegus
  • Tarantulas (We know they are not reptiles, we like to mix it up a little)
  • Carpet Pythons
  • and many more


We will not be including large-scale reptiles such as alligators, crocodiles, any species of monitor lizard, or venomous snakes in our shows. We prefer to keep our shows as interactive as possible and we feel that these species may be too unpredictable around children. However, we will be including Boa Constrictors ranging from six to eight feet in length, a ten-foot Albino Burmese Python*, and a four-foot Red Iguana (among many other reptiles).

Often times at shows we bring no-touch animals. These animals will not be brought into the crowd to be touched for the following reasons:

  • Tarantula: The tarantulas’ hairs can cause an allergic reaction when touched
  • Crested Geckos: Some of the animals are very shy and fragile, crested geckos tend to jump, and smaller kids often times will squeeze them.
  • Some snakes may react if handled too roughly so some snakes we do not bring around for touching only viewing.
About The Show2022-11-04T15:53:54+00:00

We offer two styles of presentations when you book with us

Our shows are a total of 1 hour in duration featuring 15+ reptiles from around the world. Both styles of shows offered below feature a hands on and interactive experience. Our shows are more geared toward ages 5 and up and any child 5 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult during the show.



This style show gives our audience lots of information about each reptile; such as where they come from, what they eat, how they defend themselves, how big they get and more. We also showcase some fun facts about each animal as well to keep things interesting. We like to have fun and keep things as entertaining as possible.

*This style show is great for older audience groups, ages 7 and up seem to prefer this style show.

This show lasts about 30min with 30 min for holding and photo time. Get your photo taken with any of the reptiles! For the older audience groups, we even offer close encounters with tarantulas! At the end of the show you have the opportunity to have a tarantula walk across your hand!



With this style show we run through some basic facts about each reptile, such as where they come from, what they eat, and how long they live. We showcase many more fun facts about each animal as well to keep things interesting. We like to have fun and keep things as entertaining as possible. 

**This style show is great for younger audience groups, ages 6 and younger seem to prefer this style show

This show lasts about 30min with 30 min for holding and photo time. For the younger audiences the kids can come up in groups of 7 or 8 and line up holding our 12 foot python for a group photo! They can each hold some of our adorable reptiles such as our bearded dragons and small snakes too! 


What if the kids or audience is afraid?2023-04-24T18:02:15+00:00

We completely understand your concern. While we have definitely encountered those that are afraid and hesitant to touch or get close to the reptiles, we never …ever approach anyone with a reptile who is afraid, we always give them as much space as they need.

We are happy to say that even those who are afraid at first, 99% of the time, end up not only touching but holding even some of our larger reptiles. You would be amazed at how comfortable they become once they learn a bit about them. We always start off with smaller reptiles then work our way up so this gives them the chance to get acclimated with them as we go.

I must admit my favorite thing about what we do is seeing those that are afraid holding and loving a reptile while getting their photo taken with a huge smile! For the birthday kids, even if they are afraid to hold them we always find a way to include them, we even have a magic wand and they get to be a magician and make a snake grow!


Will it bite?2018-08-04T13:31:31+00:00

We always say; “anything that has teeth is capable of biting, but these reptiles were born and raised in captivity and they are very used to human contact, they are extremely docile, so the chances of them biting are slim”. We also know our reptiles very well, so we are able to tell when they are getting stressed out or afraid at which time we will move them away from the audience. 

Are you Insured?2018-08-04T13:32:39+00:00

YES! If you book with us online, you will be redirected to a thank you page that will have a link for you to download a copy of our certificate of insurance. If you book over the phone we can either email you a copy or bring one with us to the show.

What do you need us to do to prepare for a show?2018-08-04T13:33:11+00:00

Equipment: We would bring one fold up table for the presentation of the reptiles, and if we bring the Iguana we also have a Gazebo its about 5’x5′ …so we would need enough space for those, and for the audience to be in front of the table of course. We have worked in small spaces and we can also present outside as long as the weather is at least 75 degrees or above … and inside as well.

Furry Family Members: We ask that any furry or feathery members of the family be safely kept in a separate room during our program to maximize safety, not only for you and your family, but for us and ours as well!

The Audience: We find that when the audience is up close it works better for us so that we can allow them to have lots of hands on time during the show (hands on works best for audiences up to about 30 or 40 members)  Our shows are more geared toward ages 5 and up and any child 5 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult during the show.

Finally, make sure your audience is ready to have some fun!

How much time do you need to set up?2018-08-04T13:33:23+00:00

We typically can have everything set up within about a half hour prior to show time.

How long are the shows?2022-10-16T12:23:01+00:00

Shows are 1 hour long

For smaller audiences we have a lot more hands on time during the presentation with less facts and talking and plenty of photo time after the show, but for larger audiences we talk more facts and education of them, and welcome the everyone to come up and engage with us and the reptiles at the end of the show to ask questions, hold, touch and even get your pictures taken.

What do you need for the show?2018-08-04T13:35:46+00:00

We will bring everything, all we need is a place to set up so that we have space enough for our table and for the audience to be in front of us and comfortable, preferably sitting down. If the show will be in a large venue with a large scale audience …if you happen to have a PA system, let us know, that always comes in handy.

If we want, can we pick what reptiles you bring?2018-08-04T13:37:44+00:00

We cannot guarantee that a particular reptile will be available during any given show. You may request specific reptiles, but some may be at a different show, or even be in shed ( we leave those back because when a snake is in shed they cannot see and can become aggressive.) To see a list of reptiles that you can choose from just ask us but we cannot guarantee anything. 

Do you do shows for disabled children?2016-04-07T01:28:16+00:00

Yes, having a disabled son ourselves, we are not only compassionate but we are also passionate about special needs kids, they are in for nothing more than 5 star fun! We engage the kids, give them space when needed and we can go at their pace. Learn more here

Do you do shows for companies?2018-08-04T13:46:02+00:00

Definitely yes! Check this information out: CLICK HERE


Are any of your snakes venomous?2018-08-04T13:46:16+00:00

NO! Don’t worry, we do not carry venomous snakes. A license is required for those and we prefer the not so dangerous kinds anyway.

Do you travel to us?2018-08-04T13:46:24+00:00

Absolutely! We will travel anywhere in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine and New York areas. Please ask for a quote for location that is further away.

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