If you want to learn how to overcome a fear of snakes than you’re certainly not alone. Did you know that approximately one-third of adults in the United States suffer from a fear of snakes? The fear may be due to a negative experience that you had with a snake in the past. However, the vast majority of cases are caused by the spread of misinformation by the media and popular culture. Even Indiana Jones, one of the most adventurous and heroic characters in cinematic history, is afraid of snakes. There are actually three basic things that cause people to fear snakes.

You may have been threatened by a snake, you may have witnessed someone else being threatened by a snake, or you’ve learned to fear snakes due to books, the movies, televisions shows, social media, or word of mouth. In essence, the fear is a result of you being conditioned to feel a certain way when snakes are present. It’s not a natural fear but a learned fear. That means you can also learn how to overcome a fear of snakes. First and foremost, you should write down everything that scares you about snakes. What specific things scare you?

What do you think about snakes when you see them? Describe a certain type of snake that scares you the most. You may very well find that you have a few misconceptions about these animals. The next step is to identify your fear. It will help you to overcome a fear of snakes if you are aware of what caused the fear in the first place. Maybe you were misinformed about the way in which snakes behave. Maybe you’re afraid of how they look? Maybe you have been bitten by a snake. When you become aware of exactly what makes you afraid of snakes it goes a long way in helping you learn how to overcome a fear of snakes.

The next step is to learn as much as you can about snakes by conducting some research. You may very will find that your assumptions about snakes are either exaggerated or completely incorrect. In essence, it may show you that your fears of snakes are simply not justified. Last but certainly not least, when you feel that you’re ready you should attend a live reptile show that includes snakes and provides you with the ability to handle them within a professional and highly supervised atmosphere.

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