We get calls quite often from those who have pet reptiles, but can no longer care for them because it’s a snake that has gotten to large, or a bearded dragon who can no longer walk due to a lack of calcium in their diet. It’s simply heart breaking to see these beautiful animals in pain and without the proper care they need.

Before you impulse buy a cute pet snake for your kid this Christmas and slap a pretty green bow on it, here are a few things that you need to know and understand first.

They Require Specialized Care:

Pet reptiles require your time and attention, they are not the type of pet that you get and just leave it there to do it’s thing and forget about it. Will you be able to care for them properly, clean and feed them? Pay attention to them? When you plan to go away on vacation, it’s not as easy when you’re the owner of a pet reptile. You’ll need to make special arrangements to ensure they’re cared for properly while you’re gone.

Reptiles require specialized habitats and need not only the correct size habitat but the correct humidity for the species, the proper heat, UVB and lighting and require regular feeding which in most cases also requires supplemental calcium and vitamins. Are you prepared to feed your pet snake rats when your child decides they don’t want to? These are just some of the things to consider.

They Require Regular Vet Visits:

Having a pet reptile can be costly. Reptiles have very specialized health care needs, and specialized reptile veterinarian care can be expensive, but extremely necessary to attend to your reptile’s changing needs.  What if your pet iguana’s tail breaks off and doesn’t heal properly? What if you suspect your snake has an upper respiratory infection? If your reptile should get sick, you’ll need to be able to purchase medicine for it as well as be able to give medications and shots if necessary.

They Grow:

Did you know that some species of snake such as the Burmese python, as babies are quite small and adorable but can reach lengths of over 10 feet long as adults? The sulcata tortoise starts out as small as the palm of your hand but can grow upwards of 100 pounds! Beautiful pet reptiles that start off small and cute grow and they often end up being surrendered to care takes like us when people can no longer house them.

We encourage you to do your homework, be prepared and please don’t impulse buy an adorable reptile, instead why not give them the gift of a reptile show? Click here to learn more about our shows and having a close encounter with some of the reptiles mentioned in this post.

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