A bill that would prohibit exotic animal performances?

New England Reptile Shows, while still in its infancy has performed hundreds of shows over the past couple of years. We are a small family run business and we are in it for the education NOT the money. This bill will effectively END all exotic wildlife education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, shutting down our shows for good.

What started out as the dream of a little girl, our daughter Emily grew up raising reptiles and dreaming of one day performing with them in the hopes of spreading awareness about them to the world. To show everyone how amazing they are, how they should not be feared but respected. Her passion has evolved over the years into a family business and together we share the same passion.

We care deeply for our reptiles and we are passionate about the education of these amazing animals. Our mission is to educate in a safe, non-stressful and engaging environment about the conservation, education and appreciation of reptiles. This bill would make it impossible for us to continue this mission as they would require us to obtain AZA accreditation, which is geared more toward the larger zoos and aquariums at a very hefty price.

Along with educational shows we also engage in “Reptile Therapy” for sick kids and adults who love animals but are allergic to those with fur. These reptiles have a gift to engage immensely during therapy, take their minds to a different place; one of amazement where they are no longer afraid of being ill and for that moment they are connected and free.

We never make our reptiles perform tricks, they are never stressed out, and they are more than loved each and every day. Our reptiles are ambassadors in our mission of education. They are therapy snakes and loving lizards. This bill would take that all away.

We urge everyone to take action, sign this petition created by our friends at Animal Adventures, or appear in person at the hearing and support small businesses like ours in our mission to continue bringing a world of wonder, education and excitement to you with our reptile shows!