Reptiles have been around for well over 370 million years, yet we are still learning about them. Most humans are terrified of snakes and throughout the years we have come up with some pretty outlandish superstitions.

Check out some superstitions that have stuck around over the years:

  1. Snakes are slimy:
    Actually most snakes are extremely soft to the touch, in fact all snakes feel a bit different, some have smooth soft scales giving them that silky touch that is often mistaken for being slimy, and some have what’s called keeled scales making them feel more rough and bumpy.
  2. All snakes are venomous:
    In the United States there are only 25 species of venomous snake. The other 100 make up the subspecies of Pythons and Boas (constrictors) and Colubrids (nonvenomous snakes that prey only on small animals). In fact, each year there are only about 8,000 bites by venomous snakes, 25% of which are “dry bites” where there is NO venom injected and only 5 fatalities per year. All venomous snakes are able to precisely control how much venom is injected into their victim.
  3. If you live where snakes live, be careful not to fall asleep with your mouth open because a snake might enter your mouth:
    It’s true that snakes like small dark places to crawl into but they are not about to crawl into a breathing or snoring cave. Snakes might cuddle up with you in your sleeping bag for warmth at night but they are far more likely to be in their underground dens fast asleep and will not be out looking for the next open mouth to hide in.
  4. Some snakes can sting you with their tails:
    Sorry to disappoint, but snakes don’t have tail stingers. This myth may have come about from those infamous rattle snakes or the types of snakes like the Copperhead which is born with a brown body and a vibrant yellow or green tail. This tends to make that tail look more dangerous that it is, mission accomplished!
  5. If a snake gets mad it will chase you!:”
    The last thing that a snake wants to do is chase you, especially if they feel that you are a threat to them.

Myths and fears like these are passed down through the generations, but our mission here at New England Reptile Shows is to educate people of all ages in a safe and engaging environment. We strive to help spread awareness, debunk myths and change the world one snake at a time!

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