Make lasting memories with the help of New England Reptile Shows!

Many young boys and girls are fascinated with reptiles and amphibians—creatures that don’t seem like your typical household pets. They’re exotic, and very different from animals that most kids usually get close enough to pet. So for the child who’s expressed interest in reptiles, New England Reptile Shows gives them a unique opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of the wildest creatures of the Reptile Kingdom.

By the way, snakes and reptiles are fun for ALL ages. You may have a partner or spouse who’s always been interested in these animals, but who hasn’t really had a chance to experience them in a fun, non-threatening way.

That’s why so many people contact New England Reptile Shows to create a birthday experience unlike any other for kids of all ages.

If someone asked you what you did on your birthday two years ago, could you remember? Sometimes all the cake and ice cream blurs together. . .But that won’t be the case if you invite some very special guests to your next birthday bash!

We showcase more than 20 creatures including:

  • Garter, albino and king snakes
  • Red tail and rainbow boas
  • Green iguana
  • Bearded dragons
  • Russian tortoise
  • Rose-haired tarantula
  • and more!

The grand finale. . .

Our star attraction is a breathtaking 9 ½ -foot long Burmese python!

Here’s how it goes. . .

The birthday boy or girl gets to be our assistant, as we demonstrate the exciting characteristics of these animals. For others in the audience, it’s a chance to dispel some of the myths about these creatures, and help friends and family to conquer any fears they may have.

From the shedding skin of a snake to the spikey spines of an Iguana, there’s nothing like touching these creatures and getting to know what they’re really like in person. That’s why our hands-on shows give you something you won’t experience on any nature show!

Bragging rights.

We have a “Bragging Rights” board on our website. So if your birthday boy or girl, or anyone else in the audience, has the courage to hold or pet one of our snakes or other reptiles, they’ll find their picture displayed on our website and, of course, and unlimited lifetime guarantee of “bragging rights!”

For younger audience members, we’ll give away all kinds of fun prizes, such as stuffed snakes. So if they answer a question correctly, or volunteer to help us with one of the animals, they may be entitled to a special prize.

Plan your next party with us.

When you contact us for your next birthday party, we’ll take care of the details. Our shows are always entertaining and informative. And we’ll work with you, depending on the location and how you’d like the event to go—whether it’s before or after cake! Our shows are usually two hours, but we’ll work around your schedule and unique event needs. You can count on our professional staff to be on time, thoroughly knowledgeable, and always aware and concerned for the safety of everyone, including the animals.

NOTE: We do not feature any venomous snakes.

Do something different this year for the reptile lover in your life. Contact New England Reptile Shows and book a show today!