We have a few colubrid snakes who are excellent feeders but are also very aggressive about protecting their meals. Often times a colubrid in the wild will shake their tails within a pile of dead leaves violently as a defense mechanism in an effort to make the same noise as that of a Rattle Snake, to ward off any would be predators!

We have two corns snakes, three garter snakes and two albino King snakes that all have this trait during feeding, and we find it absolutely amusing and adorable, as tiny as they are, feeding, then if we get too close to them, suddenly they shake their tails as if to say “Back off, I’m a Rattler!” The photograph above is of our Purple Passion King Snake, Elvis, and below is a video of one of our Corn Snakes, a Motley Ghost Corn Snake, named Malibu!

Have a look here!