Volunteer Reptile Handlers Needed!

We knew this day would come, we are getting so busy that we are in need of assistant reptile handlers for our shows!

When we have a show with a large scale audience of 100 or more, we typically split up into groups at the end of each show, where each group (or table) would have 4 or 5 reptiles that they would be in charge of. They would hold and allow audience members to come up and touch and hold the reptiles while answering basic questions about each one and deferring difficult questions to us.

 Duties would include:

  • Assisting with set up and take down of show (light lifting and moving of reptiles in and out of show location)
  • Handling of reptiles during and after a show
  • Safely engaging with the audience during and after a show

We offer a certificate of hours served  to anyone who volunteers so that they can use their time with us as volunteer / community service hours. Great for kids that are sill in High School and are in need of those hours.

NOTE: We would not allow you to work with the large Iguanas, Tarantulas or Scorpions (those are for the pros) 

If you sign up with us as a volunteer and we book a show in your area that requires many hands, we will reach out to you to see if you are available, if you are, we will give you the date/ time and location of the show, we will provide for you a New England Reptile Shows shirt to wear during the show and ask that you arrange your own transportation to and from the show. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have parents written permission to work with us.

All volunteers will be properly trained with hands on learning with one of our staff prior to any show.

Sign up to be a volunteer

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