Update 5/6/17

Hi Guys, today I played outside in the springtime sun, it was awesome! At first I didn’t like how the grass felt on my legs but then saw a dandelion, and heard some birds! I walked around a bit too.

I had a bath today then I was completely pooped … and plopped into my hammock and nearly fell asleep right away.

Hope your having a good spring!

     ~Love,  Toothless


Hey Jordan & Emma!!!

     Have a look at some photos to see how I am doing. My new place is awesome! I have my own house with a hammock, my own fancy food dish and even my own pool!

The life of a show dragon is really fun! I am getting so spoiled!

Ps … I pooped in the car on the way here!! It was soooooo funny!!!!! But I have these new Hoomans trained already, they cleaned it really fast.   🙂


love you and miss you lots!

     ~Love,  Toothless