Reptile Handler Needed

We’re looking for a new reptile handler to help with shows …

Here is a rundown of your duties when working with us:

  • Assisting with set up and take down of show. (light lifting and moving of reptiles,
    table, easy set tent for summer shows and a small gazebo in and out of show location)
  • Handling of reptiles during and after a show.
  • Safely engaging with the audience during and after a show.
  • Don’t worry, the actual performing will be done by us.

Here’s the low down, you would help us during the show holding and showing reptiles to the audience …for large shows, there is usually no touching during the show (because there would be too many people trying to touch them) so we typically split up into groups at the end of the show, where each group (or table) would have 4 or 5 reptiles that they would be in charge of. They would hold and allow audience members to come up and touch and hold the reptiles while answering basic questions about each one and deferring difficult questions to us. For smaller audiences we do allow touching (petting) during the show, just make sure not to spend too much time on each person… think of it like a buffet…touch and move, touch and move LOL!! We always make sure the birthday star gets first pat if its a show for a birthday.


OK, now that we have that out of the way here are the rules of engagement troops so listen up because we just might quiz you!!

Reptile Safety Rules

When handling reptiles during the show please remember these very important rules of engagement to keep everyone safe.

  • Always make sure that anyone who wants to hold or touch a reptile, sanitize their hands first so that the reptiles do not get sick. (and yours as well)
  • When holding a reptile, NEVER approach anyone who is afraid or does not want to get too close. (always ask before approaching anyone)
  • Never give anyone a reptile to hold unless you are sure they are confident, always leave a hand under the reptile until you are confident that they are comfortable, so that they do not become frightened and drop the reptile.
  • Make sure that who ever is holing a reptile, gives that reptile back to you directly and never hand it off to someone else.
  • When presenting a reptile to the audience to allow them to see or touch ALWAYS present a snake or reptile tail first and make sure your are in complete control of the head (for a snake).
  • IF you happen to get bit by anything, do not panic or make a scene, (the audience will become afraid) simply come back to us at the main table and we will address it professionally. (don’t worry, this is extremely rare)
  • If you notice that a snakes neck and head “S” up into what looks like a striking position, (or if they strike out) please keep the snakes head at a safe distance from you and the audience return to the main table to let us know.
  • NEVER give anyone a snake to hold and then walk away, or allow them to walk away. Make sure they stay close to you at all times. You must keep track of ALL reptiles that you are in charge of at all times.
  • If anyone asks “Will it bite?” The answer is: “Anything with a mouth can bite, but these reptiles were all born and raised in captivity and are very well behaved.” We are good at being able to tell when any reptile is getting stressed out, if they do we just give them a little break.
  • If anyone asks “Is it poisonous?” The answer is: “The correct term is venomous, we do have mildly venomous snakes such as the Garter and the Hognose snake, however their venom is only as strong as a bee sting.
  • ALWAYS smile, be polite and friendly. We work with a lot of children so patience and friendliness is very important to us.


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