Sweet Pea the Vet for a check up.

He was waiting patiently outside of the exam room watching each reptile take a turn before him. After he had his turn, he climbed onto my shoulder and nuzzled my cheek for a few minutes of comfort. Vet said that for his age (at about 14) he is “Healthy as an Ox!” He weighs 7.5 pounds too!


The Spencer Fair 2017

Thank you to Chad Cote- Owner/Artist at Widows Mark Tattoo Webster, Ma for taking these amazing photos!

The Spencer Fair 2017

Thank you to “East Douglas Photo” for taking these amazing photos! www.eastdouglasphoto.com


At the Hubbardston Fair 2017


Show at the Litwin School


Bennington Vermont Outdoor Kids Day Event

Photography by: Amber Cogoli


Here We Grow! Drawings from the kids of their favorite reptiles! 4-6-16


William’s Birthday Party 3-26-16

photography by: Amber Cogoli

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Albino Burmese Python!

Chinese Water Dragons

Meet Charlie our Red Tail Boa!


Birthday Party in 2015


BBQ in 2015


Birthday Party in 2015