The next time you host a backyard barbecue or any outdoor gathering with friends, bring the party to life with a reptile show!

More than 30 different creatures!

New England Reptile Shows offer an up-close experience with snakes, bearded dragons, an iguana, a Russian tortoise, spotted gecko, a tarantula and many more. It’s an educational AND entertaining event that all ages can enjoy.

A rare opportunity to see snakes and more in a safe and fun environment.

Don’t be shy. There’s Q & A throughout the show, and we welcome all your questions. You’ll also have a chance to get bragging rights if you’re brave enough to hold one of these exotic creatures. We’ll even take your photo to display on our “Bragging Rights” board of our website.

The grand finale. . .

Our star attraction is a breathtaking 9 ½ -foot long Burmese python!

You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

Make your gathering something extra special. Invite us to your next party and create lasting memories for everyone.

NOTE: Our shows are fully insured. We do not feature any venomous snakes.

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