perkins-joshua2002bWe give kids and adults with special needs a unique opportunity to engage in a show unlike any other!  Giving them a sense of inclusion, belonging and the care and patience they need.

Our shows are thrilling and exciting for both children and adults who have autism, ADHD, brain injuries, developmental disorders and many other kinds of disabilities. If you have a child or care for an adult with special needs who would loves reptiles, but you are not sure if any shows would be able to accommodate you, please know that we WILL!

Engaging kids with disabilities

Inclusion is so important for kids with disabilities, to be part of a shared experience. According to Learning Disabilities organizations, kids with disabilities are more engaged when you present information in multiple ways, and even more importantly, by giving them a chance to experience something that fascinates them.

We understand! 

Not only do we have the patience and knowledge but we also have personal hands on experience as our own son has special needs. Your child will be treated with respect and kindness and we tailor our show based on their needs, their comfort level, and how much they want to be engaged. (Pictured to the right is our son Joshua with Dr. Conroy of The Perkins School in Lancaster MA, over a decade ago)

No One Gets Left Out

Feel the excitement with them while learning about these exotic animals in a variety of ways while engaging all the senses; including sight, sound and touch; kids are able to see the wide variety of colors that these amazing reptiles display, feel how smooth a snakes skin is, touch the shed skin of a snake, feel the rough scales of a bearded dragon and hear the hiss of a blue tongue skink!

What they’ll learn. New England Reptile Shows present a wide range of fascinating creatures that you may have always wondered about, but never had the opportunity to see up close. We teach audiences about their eating and mating habits, their lifespans, and all kinds of fun, even surprising facts, about these exotic animals. What are the differences between types of snakes? How can you tell if they’re not feeling well? These are some of the many questions we’ll answer. We encourage lots of questions from the audience, too. The best part? While we teach, we also entertain. In fact, learning has never been so much fun!

Planning your event. When you contact us, in the pre-planning stage, simply let us know if there are any special considerations, and we will ensure that every child has an exciting and memorable experience.

20150606_181215_resizedAt New England Reptile Shows, we make accommodations for all kids with special needs.

Some of the stars of our shows include:

  • Garters, king and corn snakes
  • Red tail and rainbow boas
  • Green iguana
  • Bearded dragons
  • Russian tortoise
  • Rose-haired tarantula
  • and much more!

Those who want to touch and/or hold some of the animals may do so in a supervised setting. We invite volunteers, and we offer prizes and giveaways, too.  Our grand finale is a breathtaking 10 -foot long Burmese python named Irwin!

Do something different this year for your family and friends who love reptiles … book a show today!

NOTE: We do not feature any venomous snakes.